Mallory, born in the beautiful streets of Italy  was a strong, beautiful and admirable woman. She was one of a kind in her style of living. Besides of all odds she had a smile on her face. She loves the pop music yet stays the ball dance lover. She loves the night conversations but loves to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping.  Mallory is a small flower bouquet shop owner who enjoys her choices of flowers as well as the choices of people. She was a person who finds a story in every customer.
Everytime someone buys flowers from her shop, she imagines a beautiful story behind it and wrote in her diary of daily things in the form of poetry.
She found happiness in the smiles of the customers when they buy flowers. She had a beautiful habit of keeping her poetries safe and giving it to the customer when they visit her next time. Every poetry was full of compassion and it always brought smile on to the face of customers. Though, she could not give all poetries, and she always found peace in writing them. 

On a fine, delightful morning, when she opened her shop, she found a letter at the door. She walked into the door and picked up the letter which was kept with a beautiful plant pot aside. She opened the letter and started reading it. 
It was written in the letter-
             On this morning of the sun behind the clouds,
              I write a love note to you;
              Every breeze of the time passes,
              And I fell you as the dew;
             Am I falling in the love doses,
            That I have no clue;
             Or should I tell that I see roses,
            But all I see is the smile of you;
              I feel so romantic in my proses,
              When I recall your pink cheeks and those eyes blue;

This letter continued with a note saying,
Hey, Mallory. Wondering who tickled your heart in the busy hour of your morning. Well, I am your anonymous admirer. I fell for your compassion towards others. But realised that you deserve more smiles and blushes. So, on a serious note, I am telling you that you can ” Call it love.” I have sent you the flower pot to remind you of me everytime you see it. But I am not going to tell you, whom am I or what am I. Just know, that i could die to see you smile. I watch you each day, and I would add more words to that poetry. I will send you letter each day in which you will find the continuation of the previous poetry along with my madness. Please, do smile if you like my lines. That is all I expect in return. And when I end the poetry, I will meet you face-to-face. Until then, keep flowering my plant. Bye love!” 

After reading this, Mallory had mixed feelings but with blushes and smiles on her face. She was rushed with curiosity of beholding this. She ran to the cobbler in front of her shop, who is a very good friend to her. “Daniel,” she called in ecstasy. ” See, what I found at my doorstep today. It’s a love letter.” “Is this your first love letter?” Daniel asked doubtfully. “Yes,” she replied. Daniel could see the amusement in her eyes. He wished her never ending love. Mallory returned to her shop but all of her day went in blushes and talking to the plant that was gifted to her. That night went sleepless for her and with an endless wait. She was just waiting to find another letter. 

The next day she rushed to her shop, her eyes looked only for the letter. A pink coloured letter along with a charming bracelet was kept there. She opened the letter and started reading in which was written,
Hey, the bracelet is to compliment your look. You look gorgeous today. Did you water my plant?”
             I feel like standing between two worlds.
              You are stuck in my heart with some glue;
                I wonder emotions can be those,
              Turning into feelings as they grew;

She smiled after reading this and ran to Daniel again and told all the story. Going back to the shop, she realised that her day was filling up with more smiles now. In the evening, when she was walking down to home, she could feel everything in slow motion. She was completely into him. 

Her days pass by with the same routine of love letters and sleepless nights. She was falling for him each day and he was inevitably adoring her through each letter.

As all days, Mallory started with excitement to her shop but she could not have expected this. She reaches the shop and sees that there is no love letter at the door step. She felt sad but thereafter recalled the words of her man in the very first letter saying, when poetry ends, he will meet her.
She waited all day and could not find any clue of him or the letter. Mallory went back to home with a bland face. Tears rolled down her eyes when she went to bed that night. Next day, again without losing hope she went to the shop. But she could not find any letter. Instead, her neighbour shopkeeper came to her and said that her friend Daniel, the cobbler was coming for work, then someone hit him and he died. 
Mallory drowned in tears after listening this. With time, she surrounded herself with agony and tears. She never got a love letter again and her poetry remained unfinished.

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